Tree management

Crown lift, remove lower branches to allow more light

Crown lift

Lower branches on trees can cause considerable obstruction to buildings, vehicles and people. During a crown lift the lower limbs are removed where necessary and the lower crown is shaped using professional pruning techniques. High quality cuts made to the tree will ensure rapid healing and long life for the tree after this procedure. Contact us for a free quote.

Tree removal, remove old or over grown tree

Tree removal

Dangerous or unwanted trees need removing carefully by qualified and insured operators. This is what we will do during this procedure. If a tree is in a complicated position it is dismantled to ensure that risk is managed and damage is avoided. Contact us for a free quote.

Crown reduction, reduce the size of a tree

Crown reduction

As trees mature their canopy spread (or "crown") can become highly problematic. Using crown reduction techniques the farthest extending limbs can be brought in to reduce the extent of the tree's spread. Contact us for a free quote.

removing dangerous dead wood from trees


The older a tree gets, the more dead wood it will typically contain. Frequently this dead wood can pose a considerable risk to people and vehicles should it fall from the tree. Removing dead wood from a tree allows the tree to heal and prevents fungal infection at the dead branch's base. Contact us for a free quote.

Storm response, fallen tree removal

Storm response

Damage to trees through storms, or windblown trees can cause extensive damage to property and risk to people. Snapped limbs and uprooting trees need to be made safe. We can ensure that damaged trees are dealt with quickly and professionally. Contact us for a free quote.

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